Dr. Beighle and Staff, Thank you so much for fixing Jasmine’s (4 year old) intestinal troubles. Her doctor wanted to send her to a gastro specialist and put her on medications to help her bowel movement. I’m so glad I brought her to your first!!!! You have not only put her “tummy troubles” to an end but and she has not had another ear infection since she has been coming to see you. She is always excited to come to your office. We are grateful to your staff for being sensitive and accommodating to our daughter. Thank you!
~Kelly C.

Dr. Lisa is amazing! I first started seeing her when I was 12 years old. My first visit made me very nervous as a child, but Dr. Lisa was wonderful! She walked me through the adjustments and has dramatically changed my life. She always helped me through my high school soccer injuries by providing expert medical advice along with some life advice ever now and again. Dr. Lisa always puts her patients’ needs first and truly cares for each individual patient’s health. She is unlike any other chiropractor I have heard about or met. I highly recommend coming to see her even if you’re curious about different treatment options that would work best for you.
~Arianna S.

I wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU for the amazing treatment I’ve gotten at this practice. I was told to visit after many years of back issue’s but never would go to anyone by my family doctor. This place is like walking into a place where all your family is. Everyone has a smile and actually talks to you and makes you feel welcome. I’ve had some really big issues with my lower back and coming here has made me feel the best I have in years! The best part is NO MEDS!!!! Dr. B has been incredible and truly a blessing. You’re not only my friend but a wonderful blessing to Seymour. Thanks!
~Daniel H.

I’ve had problems with my lower back for about 15 years. My L5-SI Root nerve was horrible. I was also recently diagnosed with RA as well. I was living with constant pain. It had even started affecting my bowel habits, my balance, and causing daily headaches. Long story short, after only one week of treatments, I could tell a huge difference. I had more energy, headaches left, I could go to the bathroom and the back pain was almost gone. My quality of life has greatly improved. I thank Dr. Beighle so much for all her help and support!
~Kim T.

I came to Mountain View when it became unbearable to drive longer than 15 minutes. I used to be skeptical about chiropractors, but Mountain View changed my mind completely! I used to dance and even took a couple falls off of horses, but I didn’t think about it affecting my alignment. Dr. Beighle and the staff are super nice, and with their help I’m feeling so much better. It’s such a relief to walk out of the office and not feel any pain. Thanks to these wonderful people, I can enjoy doing things I love to do!
~Justin J.

After three nights of pain going down my leg and struggling to find a comfortable position to lay down, I called Mountain View Chiropractic. From the first telephone call in November the staff has been very efficient and caring regarding my health concerns. I requested an appointment as soon as possible, and to my surprise was seen that very day. After meeting with Dr. Beighle, x-rays were performed and she discussed the treatment she believed best for my situation. Therapy began immediately, and within a few visits, I was resting and sleeping. Within three months of the therapy, my leg pain is gone and I’m back to my daily routine of yard work, hiking and attending sporting events. I’m very pleased with all phases of care given by Dr. Lisa Beighle and her staff at Mountain View Chiropractic.
~Edward C.

After years of thinking sciatic pain and foot pain are just the glories of aging – I can say that my thoughts were incorrect. I am walking taller, almost no foot pain and my sciatica is improving. I even feel more energy – or better said – more positive energy! The staff is very welcoming and made me feel at home from Day 1. The doctor genuinely wants to know my goals in wellness. I enjoy my appointments and love how I am feeling. I wish I’d done this years ago.
~Betty O.

I had problems with my lower back for about 15 years.  My L5-S1 nerve was horrible.  I was living with constant pain.    In addition I was having vertigo and daily headaches.  Long story short, after only 1 week, I could already tell a hugh difference.  I had more energy, headaches left, and my back pain was greatly reduced.  My quality of life had greatly improved.  Thank you Dr Beighle and staff!
~Kim T.

I broke my back March 15th, 2014 in two places  and suffered horrible back pain in my mid back due to a horse accident.  After a consultation with Doc, I knew she would do everything she could to help.  After a series of treatments and therapy, I am so thrilled to say that I am PAIN FREE from the accident.  I thank God for helping me find Doc.  She is thorough and knowledgable.
~Jamie M.

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